About Us


Established in 2001, Alikson Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. is a growing limited company dealing in a wide range of wood-based products such as sawn timber, pallets, frames, charcoals, firewood, and wood chip/chunk.

Living in Malaysia, it is our fortune to enjoy privileges of the life-nourishing tropical rainforest. As a Malaysian timber trading company, we are genuinely grateful for the sustainable resources blessed upon our land. Therefore, we think, to maximise the utility of tropical wood is one of our efforts as Malaysians to serve humankind better. Our goal is to make wood industry environmentally, socially, economically sustainable. Though it is a dream not easy to achieve, we still see it as our destination.

From a mere sawmill in the beginning, our company had strived to increase the value of purchased logs which in turn transformed our company into an enterprise that embraces a wide range of wood-based productions. In conjunction with the forestry policies of the Malaysian Timber Industry Board, our company processes responsibly-sourced logs into products such as sawn timber, pallets, crates, firewood, wood chips/chunks and charcoals. Still seeking to make the greatest good out of tropical wood, we warmly welcome international collaborations, programmes and mutual partnerships to introduce new technologies and unprecedented opportunities into Malaysian timber industry.

To achieve our dream in the long run, we are happy and most willing to be of help to you. It is the fortune of Malaysia to be of value to the world with such invaluable resources. Your demands and needs are considered chances to promote the worth of tropical hardwood. Therefore, feel free to contact us for more information. Give us a chance to hear you out! We will try everything in our power to fulfil your needs.